A US $200 Range, DJ Box.

Raspberri Pi Based Mixxx System
Check your email, browse the web, listen to music…
These systems are technically capable of even running blender for 3D modeling,
image manipulation & art /design programs. A complete office suite and more.

Not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes but ready to mixxx tunes all night!

mixxxbox silver aluminum
The Mixxxbox: silver aluminum

As pictured 32GB built in storage: SRP: US$196

Get started with a nice all around controller that’s already on the officially-supported-out-of-the-box list!

Need more audio options? Easy as plug & play.

Screenshot with Mixxx switched to the Shade (Dark) theme. An extra compact layout.

You can use an existing HDMI display, TV or pick up a cheapy like this one. Though checking your local thrift shop or
computer Goodwill, often nets some killer deals in the $30 range.

A great extra keyboard & mouse options without the wires and
without the wifi interference often caused by Bluetooth alternatives, this kind of keyboard combo works great.

A great deal on a wired alternative is: